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The channel is cold-rolled
  • The channel is cold-rolled

The channel is cold-rolled

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The channel cold-rolled from 30х20х2.5 to 250х125х8 bent of the sheet state standard specification 8278-83 steel 10 3 of the joint venture 3ps 3sp5 3ps5 C255 C345 steel 20 09G2S 255 345 Length is L = 6; 5.9 m of 9 10 m 11 m of 11.5 11.7 12 meters Size 30х20х2 30х20х2.5 30х20х1.5 40x30x2.5 40x30x3 50x40x3 50x40x2 50х40х3.5 60x32x2.5 60x32x4 60х32х3 60x32x3.5 60x40x3 60x40x4 60x40x2 80x40x3 80x40x4 80x40x2.5 80x50x4 80х50х3 80x50x3.5 80x50x2 80x60x3 80x60x4 80x60x2.5 80x60x2 80x60x3.5 100x30x2 100x30x3 100x30x4 100x30x5 100x40x6 100x40x5 100x40x4 100x40x3 100x50x4 100x50x5 100x50x6 100x60x4 100x60x3 100x60x5 100x60x6 120x30x3 120x30x4 120x30x5 120x50x3 120x50x4 120x50x5 120x50x6 120x60x4 120x60x5 120x60x3 140x50x4 140x50x6 140x50x3 140x60x4 140x60x5 140x60x6 140x60x3 140x80x3 140x80x4 140x80x5 140x80x6 160x100x6 160x100x5 160x100x3 160x50x4 160x50x3 160x50x5 160x50x6 160x60x3 160x60x6 160x80x3 160x80x4 160x80x5 160x80x6 180x100x4 180x100x6 180x100x5 180x100x3 180x50x4 180x50x5 180x50x6 180x60x4 180x60x5 180x60x6 180x70x6 180x70x5 180x70x4 180x80x4 180x80x6 200x100x6 200x100x5 200x100x4 200x50x4 200x50x5 200x50x6 200x60x4 200x60x6 200x80x4 200x80x6 200x80x5 250x125x6 250x125x8 250х125х5 250x125x4 250x60x4 250x60x5 250x60x6 250x90x5 250x90x4 300x100x6 300x100x5
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